FAQs Mira Road

When should I visit a hospital

Whenever you feel any type of discomfort/uneasy feeling which is not normal, you should visit the hospital and show to a specialist depending upon the type of symptoms.

Also you may visit the hospital generally to get your routine health check-up done.

What is the right time to meet your doctors in the hospital?

You need to take an appointment by calling on 022-40543000. Doctors are available from 9 am to 9 pm in the OPD. In case of emergency please contact at our emergency 24*7 and please dial 8108181081.

How do I make an appointment with a doctor for consultation?

Please call on 022-40543000 for scheduling an appointment with our doctors at our OPD.

Is your hospital open in the night for all kinds of emergency?

Yes, we have 24*7 emergency facility along with diagnostic facility of Radiology Pathology and 24 Hrs. Pharmacy with all emergency services.

What is the procedure for a patient to get admitted in the hospital?

Patient can get direct admission by contacting at IPD billing department or through ER or OPD.

Planned Hospitalization

In case of planned hospitalization, you should have been advised admission by a specialist. In case of cashless/TPA admission  you must apply for an approval of the estimated hospital expenses directly with your TPA at least 4-5 days prior to the date of hospitalization.

In case you have not applied for a pre-authorization sufficiently in advance or if the doctor treating you advises you to get hospitalized immediately after the consultation, our Insurance Desk will assist you through the pre-authorization procedure.

However, you will need to bear in mind that on behalf of the hospital, Insurance Desk is only a facilitator and can in no way influence the decision on the approval.

Emergency Hospitalization

In case of emergency hospitalization, you must come to EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT (ER) where the ER consultant will check and advice admission according to the nature of disease. You can get admitted by paying cash, In case of TPA case, the Insurance Desk will take up your case on a fast track basis with your TPA and is likely to receive approvals within 3-4 hours during any working day.

For cashless treatment it is mandatory for the hospital to have an approval from your TPA. In case of delay in receiving the approval or when you cannot wait for receiving the approval owing to medical urgency you can undertake the treatment by paying the necessary cash deposit as per hospital policy.

If you receive approval from your TPA after paying the cash deposit, you are entitled for refund of the cash deposit.

For further details about the pre-authorization procedure, enhancement, reimbursement etc. you may contact our Insurance Desk.

Is the deposit amount compulsory for all admissions in the hospital?

As per our policy it is compulsory to pay a deposit at the hospital which will be utilized against the current bill.

What facilities I can expect inside the hospital as a patient & for my relative who will be staying with me?

One attendant are allowed to stay with the patient in IP areas and for ICU and ICCU patient we have provided separate dormitory for male and female relatives.

What are prerequisites for a health check-up facility at your hospital?

We have a premium health check-up department.  For more information please call on mob.no. 022-40543100 / 8108108185.

Prerequisites are as follows:

1.  All health checks are conducted by prior appointment only.

2. The entire checkup takes around 5-6 hours depending on the package. Packages having Pap smear test will be dispatched after 3 days.

3. Please contact health checkup department prior for appointment on 8108108185 or 022-4054 3100    (8.00am – 4.00pm).

4. Eye lenses, if any, should be removed before coming for checkup.

5. You are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Remove jewelry before coming for health  checkup.

6. Kindly carry all your medicines on the day of appointment.

7. Kindly bring along previous medical records, if any. Also bring any hearing aids, visual aids like  spectacles or any other aids that you use.

8. Any additional investigations or consultation will be done only after prior appointment.

9. Additional tests, investigations or consultation can be conducted on request or requirement, but they  will be billed in addition to the cost of your health check package.

10. For Cardiac, Diabetic, and Executive Health Check-Up either TMT or ECHO will be done based on  advice

11. Please come on an empty Stomach with overnight fasting of 10 to 12 hrs. However, you are advised to have 2-3 glasses of plain water, to enable a full bladder to facilitate an ultra sound

12. Light dinner on the previous night is recommended and avoids alcohol 3 days prior to the health checkup.

13. A small stool and urine sample should be brought in the sterilized containers which are readily available in medical stores, Wockhardt Health Check Center or Wockhardt Hospital Lab.

14. Jogging shoes are preferable for the Tread Mill Test.

15. Company sponsored clients are requested to carry referral letter along with company ID proof.

16. Men are requested to shave their chest to ensure a good ECG/Tread Mill Test.  However if not done, it will be done at the hospital.

17. For Females: The Hospital shall not conduct certain investigations like X-ray for    pregnant women. Mammography is not advised below age of 40 years unless having history of breast cancer. However, USG breast will be done below 40 years. PAP smear test cannot be done during menstruation.

18. No other test/consultation can be substituted with other test or any other person.

When do I collect my lab reports from the hospital?

Please collect it from ground floor from 10 am to 7 pm on all working days.

Is there a home service facility of sample collection, physiotherapy, nursing or doctor available in your hospital?

Home care facility for sample collection, and physiotherapy services are available. You may contact 8655114545. Rest home care services will be activated soon.

Does the hospital have a 24 hour Pharmacy?

Yes, we have a well-stocked pharmacy.

If I have a medical insurance what would be the procedure for me to get admitted in the hospital?

Please bring your medical insurance documents and contact to our IP billing and TPA department on 022-40543000/Extn: 3090

In an emergency what are contact no. for your ambulance?

Call on 8108181081 for our ambulance service.

What are the visiting hours at the hospital?

ICU- Morning 10.00 am to 11.00 am, Evening 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Wards- Evening 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Is home food allowed for patient?

Outside food is not allowed in the hospital for patient.

Are there any Do’s and Donts’ which we should follow in your hospital?

Patient rights and responsibilities

Patient / Family has the right to:

1.  Accessibility, Availability and Assessment

  • Access to treatment irrespective of case colour religion nationality disability or source of payment
  • Be provided immediate care at the time of emergency
  • Have access to medical records

2. Information Exchange – Education and about health care needs

  • Know about safe and effective use of medication, food drug interaction, diet and nutrition, immunizations, specific disease process, complication and prevention strategy and preventing healthcare associated infection.
  • Be educated in a language and format that patient can understand

3. Involvement in Decision Making

  • Make an informed choice for refusal of treatment.
  • Give informed consent before blood transfusion anaesthesia surgery any other invisible where is procedures and treatment.
  • Be given an opportunity to see an additional opinion regarding clinical care.

4. Respect, Dignity and Consideration

  • Receive respect for special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs without affecting treatment and other patients in accordance to the hospital policy.
  • Get protection from neglect and abuse.

5. Personal and Information Privacy

  • Be provided privacy during examination, procedure for consultation.
  • Ensure confidentiality of information regarding his/her treatment.

6. Treatment cost

  • Be informed about expected cost of treatment

7. Complaint and Feedback

  • Raise a complaint to the concerned authority.
  • Share any feedback suggestion or complaint, Pease contact flow in-charge for + 918 10818 1407 in case of any query

Patient family has responsibilities to

  • Follow the treatment plan advised by your care provider.
  • Provide complete and correct information about demographic, any treatment going under other doctor and known allergy to your care provider.
  • Give honest update on health status during course of treatment.
  • Understand that any discontinuation in treatment or to leave against medical advice would be at your own risk.
  • Behave in a polite and respectful manner to other patients, Hospital staff and doctors.
  • Provide TPA insurance details at the time of admission.
  • Pay for services built for in a timely manner as per the hospital policies.
  • Not to damage Hospital property and to comply with Hospital policies (eg: No smoking, No tobacco chewing, No spitting, Maintaining silence etc.)

Do you have in-house Diagnostic services and till what time?

We have the below available diagnostic services:

CT, MRI, USG, X-Ray, 2D Echo, EEG, EMG, ECG, NCV, BMD, mammography, TMT, PFT, Uroflometry.

They are routinely available during 8 am to 8 pm by appointment. For emergency cases available

24 x 7.

Do you have facilities for paediatric patients?

We have full-fledged / equipped paediatric  department services from new born babies to 18 years of age. We have all the facilities like NICU, PICU, indoor services. Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation services.

Do you have services for old age patients (Geriatric patients)?

Yes we do have specialised care of Geriatric patients.

Do you have Transplant Services?

Yes we have transplant like Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Skin, Eye, Bone Marrow Transplant series.