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Psychiatry is a speciality that looks great the mental health status. Today stressful life and lifestyle has lead to an increase in many mental condition.
Our psychiatrists have the clinic expertise to counsel and rehabilitation patients who are in need of such care. Mental disease could be genetic or imposed on my other external factors. These conditions can in the long run affect us physically we well.
Apart from this the speciality deal with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, geriatric mental disorders, psychosis , schizophrenia , trauma and drug abuse cases
All these need special type of modality of treatment sessions with our doctor and psychotherapy drugs. Most of these issues need constant follow up and monitoring to asses the progress of the patient.

At Wockhardt Hospitals we believe that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body and out department with its program and doctors are there to assist patient with their needs through consultation, diagnosis and necessary treatment.